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“Killing Me Softly with His Song?” I Think Not.


So first off, I want to thank those of you who are new to the blog. I’ve seen a couple of new followers coming through and I want to thank you all for checking out the blog. I hope that you can find something here that’s inspirational, encouraging and most of all that will remind you how much God loves you.

Secondly, many of you seasoned readers who are also members of the blog’s Facebook page know that I have not fallen off the face of the earth, but rather, took a few special vacation days with my family over Spring Break. We took the kids to a water park so I posted a couple of pictures below so you can see what fun we were having while I was politely ignoring all of you. Forgive me!




Thirdly, onto today’s post. The commandment that I reviewed in my last post was Honor Your Father and Mother. While many of you expressed that you really enjoyed that particular post, aka Sparrow Parenting, I confess that I evidently blocked it from seeping into my brain waves because I had an interaction with my own parents on Easter Sunday that sadly was a lot less than “honoring.”More on that in a bit. Today’s commandment is this:

You shall not kill.

When I was reviewing this commandment I didn’t have to think all that hard of the applicability it holds in our world today. There are reports of killings everywhere from incidents as recent as the student shooting tragedies at Chardon High and Sandy Hook Elementary, as well as the loss of 12 lives and the injury of so many others at the Aurora movie theatre shooting by James Holmes. Folks, if you haven’t noticed, we are living in a very volatile society where violence is quickly becoming the norm instead of the exception. Yet somehow, I don’t think my blog is probably being viewed by too many serial killers or mass murderers, (at least I hope not!), which has left me with the remaining unanswered question of how does this commandment apply to me in current times? The thought just crossed my mind about killing someone’s spirit. Does that apply? For me personally, it most certainly does.

Back to Easter Sunday and the interaction with my parents. I disagreed with mine on a particular subject and who does not disagree with their family members from time to time? It doesn’t mean I love them any less or that I don’t respect what they have to say. On that particular day; however, my temper and impatience got the best of me and instead of sharing my feelings as a respectful child, I threw a major tantrum screaming and yelling, leaving our family open-mouthed and upset. I scared my kids with my anger, upset my parents with my words and left the rest of my family silent and reserved. Ouch. Just how many commandments did I break with that tirade? Certainly I did not honor my parents in the way I should have and put my anger above God, there’s two for sure. I did worse than those though, I killed the spirit of everyone in the room. I left our family feeling as somber as if we were commemorating Good Friday rather than celebrating the Risen Lord on Easter Sunday. No matter what we were in disagreement about, I should’ve handled my point much better than I did with calmness and reasonableness. Yeah, definitely a need to reset the GPS on that one.

So my point is, killing someone’s spirit can sometimes be as dangerous as pulling the trigger. Words and emotions can strike just as painful a blow, and instead of “killing me softly with His (God’s) song” we barrel over someone’s heart. So think about this. Whose spirit have you killed recently? Was it your kids’ because you nag and yell at them so much? Was it a colleague that you gossiped about at the work water cooler? Was it the parent that you were less than patient with? Was it the department store clerk you were rude and cranky to? Was it yourself with words of self-deprecation and self-loathing? Let’s pray that we can all be fillers, not killers in accordance with this commandment.



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