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GPS of Faith


I’ll admit it, I am incredibly directionally challenged. I don’t mean I can’t follow directions if they’re given to me; no, that works out just fine. It’s driving somewhere with directions, leaving to go home and not knowing how to do the reverse directions in my head. It’s having a near panic attack in downtown areas when they’re doing construction on a particular street on my usual route and I have to go around the block to get to my destination. It’s knowing the general area of my favorite stores but not remembering whether our favorite family pizza place comes before or after those stores if I have to give someone directions. Ask me if it’s east or west on the highway and I haven’t a clue. I can tell you that you’ll pass this car dealership or that restaurant, but as to the direction, I’ll honestly have no idea. If someone asks me for directions, I usually hand the phone to Bob. You get the point, I have no internal compass whatsoever.

When I got my iPhone, I discovered the complete joy of having a GPS. For someone like me who can get lost going around the block, it is so incredibly comforting to know that I can call out for help to Siri and she will give me turn-by-turn directions to wherever I need to go. No matter how many times I ask her for the same directions, she willingly calls them out to me as if it’s the very first time I’ve asked. Of course there is the issue of whether she will understand me or not. I mean doesn’t everyone have a destination on Fart Avenue? Umm no, Siri, I said “Farr” not “Fart,” case and point. 🙂

It occurred to me today that it would be great if we had a GPS for when we got lost in our spiritual lives as well. I mean, how cool would it be if we could all get iPhones and ask Siri for turn-by-turn directions to heaven? (Those of you with iPhones, don’t bother trying it. I already did. She’ll lead you to heaven alright, Hubcap Heaven and Wheels, All Dogs Heaven, Hot Dog Heaven, Hog Heaven, take your pick. :-)) All joking aside, we actually do have a spiritual GPS that God gave us. It’s called the Ten Commandments. God gave the commandments to Moses when he was leading the Israelites to the promised land. As Christians, sometimes I think that we think these rules are outdated and not applicable to our time; but I don’t agree with that. Over each of the next several subsequent blog posts, I’m going to review a particular commandment or commandments, share some of my personal thoughts and provide a reflection that may help to remind us all that these rules are just as applicable today as they were in the time of Moses. As we wrap up these final days of Lent, let us all set our navigational beacons pointed toward Jesus and the sacrifice He made for us so that we one day might find our way to the promised land. And no, I wasn’t talking about Hot Dog Heaven for those of you who were wondering. 😉







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