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To Bee or Not to Bee?

TODAY’S FORECAST: Thankful for our home

This past weekend our daughter, Meghan, and her 5th grade Medina travel basketball team participated in a weekend tournament in Hudson, Ohio. Hudson, which is about 45 minutes northeast of Medina, actually borders the city of Stow where we used to live. For those of you who are new to the blog, we moved from Stow to Medina a little less than two years ago to build a new home. Due to my increasing health demands, we chose to sell our home in Stow and to build a smaller one that was more accessible, cost efficient and closer to our families. It was a tough transition for all of us. During our time in Stow, we made some amazing friends and our kids were very involved in sports and scouting there. The choice to leave was the right one, but it didn’t make it any less difficult at the time. TEAM00002986

Some of the girls that were on Meghan’s Stow basketball team now also play for the Stow travel basketball team. When the tournament schedules were finalized, we were surprised to find out that not only was Stow going to be at the tournament, but also that Meghan would be playing against some of her old friends. While we looked forward to seeing some of the friends that we still hold so dear to us, there was a little bit of awkwardness in realizing that we would no longer be cheering on the same side of the court. Now that Meghan’s been a Medina Bee for the last two years, we have also bonded with the families of the girls that she plays with now. It was probably my imagination, but I felt like we were under their watchful eyes on game day, wondering if we were fraternizing with the enemy. 🙂

Before the game, I had the opportunity to catch up with one of the Stow moms that I am still close with. She said something to me that was so bittersweet, “There is such a void here without you guys.” It was such an incredibly sweet thing for her to say, but also made my heart ache a little for our old neighbors and friends. After the game, we went to an old favorite restaurant of ours in Stow for dinner.  As we drove by the road that would have taken us “home” in the years before we moved, I cried as my heart longed once again to be close to our neighbors and everything we knew once to be so familiar. While I tried to hide my tears from the kids as we got out of the car at the restaurant, they both knew why I was crying and said as much. Meghan said, “Mom, I thought you said you didn’t miss Stow and that you LOVE Medina.” I had to think about that for a moment. I remember at the time of our move, Bob and I tried desperately hard to make the transition positive for the kids. In the process, had I hid my true feelings? Had I done a disservice to them by not letting them see me hurt and by putting on the “brave” face? Then, a thought passed through my mind, “I will lead, You will follow.”D0009_Medina-Medina_Bees2

Immediately, I felt like events and faces from our past were swirling around me and that like some Sci-Fi time-warp movie I was being jerked back to the present. I was flooded with newer memories and faces of the people who had embraced us during our time in Medina, the wonderful staff at the kids’ elementary school, our current neighbors who have become irreplaceable friends, the parents of the girls on Meghan’s Medina basketball team, parents and coaches we have met through all the kids’ sports and school activities, the friends in my neighboring hometown that I have reconnected with because of the move. I realized in that instant while Stow and our friends who live there will always be in our hearts, God has doubly blessed us with having the opportunity to make more dear friends here in Medina. I later told Meghan that at times while I missed Stow, I am so grateful for all of the wonderful ways God has blessed our family here with friends so dear, a beautiful new home and everything that spells our future. Through God’s grace Medina spells HOME. Thank you Medina for embracing us as you have. We are BEES and we are blessed.



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