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What I Love About Being “Mom”


Today I have the pleasure of accepting another reader award for my blog, the Beautiful Mama Blog Award nominated by The note that accompanied the nomination was so touching to me, “If anyone deserves an award such as this it is you with your positive attitude which inspires your children!” I am so blessed to have the readership of New Creations Ministries, so THANK YOU for this wonderful award today.


One of two criteria that I agreed to when I accepted the award was that I would share three things that I love about motherhood. The other was that I would in return consider nominating someone else for the award. So let me do that first. My nomination is for Raising 5 Kids with Disabilities and Remaining Sane Blog  This mom has the patience and love of a saint!!!! Start with her About page and I guarantee you will be hooked! She and her children have overcome some amazing obstacles. A very beautiful mama indeed!

Okay, the three things I love about motherhood:

  1. The sparkle of excitement in my kids’ eyes. Whenever Meghan and Jacob get excited about something, there is this “sparkle” of excitement that hits their eyes that is like nothing else I have ever seen. It might happen when they’ve received special recognition at school or when we’re on vacation and seeing an attraction for the very first time. It might be a realization moment, like when they realize that we’ve said “yes” to a sleepover or that they’ve opened exactly the item they wanted most on their Christmas lists. There is just something about that light in their eyes, when every neuron in their brains are firing and they can hardly contain themselves so much so that the “wiggles” take over and there is no choice for them but to jump up and down and scream in sheer delight. These are moments when my heart takes the pictures because no lens could ever effectively capture that perfect glint of pleasure.
  2. Seeing pieces of Bob and I in both our kids. When it comes to looks, most people agree that Meghan looks like Bob and Jake looks more like me, but this is about more than that. It’s seeing elements of their characters and personalities develop and realizing that the differences Bob and I both bring to our marriage are all being reflected back to us through our kids. How totally cool is that?! Meghan has a love for writing much like me. Math comes very easily to Jake, just like Bob. Both kids like to read, just like me. Meghan is very outdoorsy which is very much like Bob. If given the choice, Jake would prefer to be inside with a good book or on the computer; yep, you guessed it, just like his mom. Both kids are very adventurous like their dad but they also need their individual quiet time like their mom. Jacob has a bit of a stubborn streak, like his dad (Bob would say this is all me, by the way, and I TOTALLY disagree; yeah, no stubborn here. ;-)) and Meghan has a flair for the dramatic, like her mom. I could go on and on, but you get the point. Both of our kids are a hodge-podge of the people who Bob and I are and we see it in everything they say and do. Sometimes that’s not so good (gulp) but most times it’s really an awesome experience, one that I’ve been really blessed to be privy to throughout the years.
  3. My kids loving and acting for God. Speaking of blessings, I think one of the greatest blessings I’ve experienced with motherhood is seeing my kids learning about God and acting for Him. In the last couple years, Bob and I have tried to make family prayer time more of a priority and we’ve had many family discussions about God’s work in our lives. We’ve really tried to find ways to engage our kids in ways to love and know God. When I see the fruits of that labor, I don’t think there is anything sweeter. Those fruits come in all forms. Awards of kindness at school. Actions on the school bus or playground where they stand up for God and His commandments, hearing them apologize not only to us but also in “overheard” prayers. This past Christmas Eve, Jacob participated in the celebration of communion for the first time. I remember the utter joy I felt as I heard him explain that Jesus died on the cross for him and that now, even when he did things that were not always right, he could go to heaven. What made the moment even more precious was seeing the tears rolling down Meghan’s face as she watched her little brother. Yeah, fruits of the labor right there!

To those of you who are mothers out there, I share this award with you today. Let us lift one another up with kindness and support always!



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