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Fried Chicken or Chicken Pot-Pie


This past Sunday, three out of four of us were down with bad colds. It was one of those “out of commission” days. For any of you who have read my blog before, my Bob is used to handling anything when I’m fighting off one infection or another, but when we’re both down and out at the same time, it’s like Scooby Doo says, “Ruh-Roh, we’re in rerious rouble, Raggy!” :-)Miraculously, it was a night that we didn’t have a sporting event to run to or some other commitment with scouts, school, etc., so, thankfully, we didn’t have anywhere to be. The only question that needed answering besides “Where’s the closest tissue box?” was “What are we going to do for dinner?”

At about 5:30 (without any warning whatsoever, I might add), Bob said, “I think I need to go pick up KFC for dinner.”

I just looked at him. KFC? As in Kentucky Fried Chicken? Who would want such a thing when they are sick with a cold.? No offense to you KFC lovers out there, but this is the LAST thing I’d choose to have for dinner when I’m not feeling good. Not to mention that after my husband had a heart attack at age 36, greasy and fried are not my first choices for him for the late evening meal. Then again, he was sick, he rarely ever asks for anything and he had this look in his eye that said, “I NEED fried chicken,” so yep, KFC it was. The kids and Bob opted for crunchy, greasy fried chicken. I, on the other hand, opted for their chicken pot-pie (which I have to admit is actually quite delicious as far as comfort food goes).

As we enjoyed our KFC feast, it later got me thinking that God is a little bit of fried chicken and chicken pot-pie. Okay, I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out. In the Old Testament, we hear about God and His wrath in stories like Noah where He destroyed the entire earth with a devastating flood and Sodom and Gomorrah, where He rained fire and sulfur from the heavens to destroy everything there. In the New Testament we hear about how Jesus’ rage was evident when he was throwing the moneychangers out of the temple and chastising the Pharisees.  There’s a lot of edgy, hot,”crispy” anger going on there, a little like the fried chicken, if you will.

Then we hear of God’s abundant love in stories such as the sparing of Isaac’s life in the story of Abraham, the restoration of Joseph, the deliverance of the Israelites into the promised land, the protection of Esther, and ultimately in the gift and sacrifice of His Son. In the New Testament we hear of Jesus and his deep love for Lazarus, his understanding for the woman at the well, the healing of the possessed boy and multiple others. Again, there is His ultimate display of love, dying for us on the cross. In these stories there’s a lot of mushy, comforting, goodness, much like a chicken pot-pie.

So you ask, which is He? Fried Chicken or Chicken Pot-Pie? Well, honestly, I believe He’s a little bit of both. Many Christians, like me at our recent dinner encounter, choose often to focus only on the “chicken pot-pie” side and show our aversion for the “hot and crispy fried chicken” side. I believe God is not only a God of love and mercy but a God of judgement. God detests evil, and His wrath is a very valid response to that. In the gift of His Son, wrath met mercy at the cross for all of us, bearing fruit to an indescribable, never-ending love. Fried Chicken or Chicken-Pot-Pie? Yes, please!



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