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“Good Tidings We Bring…”


My dear blog family. How you have blessed me these last few months with your readership and love. How I have enjoyed reading your comments, emails, FB posts and hearing the ways that some of the things that I have shared from my own life’s experiences have touched your lives. I’ve so loved reading about how stories I’ve shared from other authors that inspired me have also inspired you and encouraged you in your faith walk or in your struggle against pain or suffering.

I have to admit that selfishly, there are some days when I fall prone to human thinking and look to the number of likes on the FB page or the shares on the blog page and think, of all the people out there in the world, I don’t have as many readers or fans as I think I should have, maybe I should just stop writing. Then, like some whisper from beyond my understanding, God reminds me through you why I began writing this blog in the first place, not for the number of likes or the number of times a post is shared, but for the sheer possibility that someone would perhaps come to know God as I know Him, loving and good; or perhaps, that someone with a chronic illness would be comforted in knowing they are not alone through my shared struggles.  I also wanted to connect with people whose knowledge is so much greater than mine and learn something new in my journey to become a better friend, a better wife,  a better parent, a better Christian, a better writer.

All of you have provided that and so much more and I am truly humbled and grateful. With a few days left until Christmas and little time left in 2012, I am letting all of you know that I won’t be writing for a bit, maybe here and there when I am able, but probably not regularly until after the New Year begins. Holidays are a time for family and I want to spend some quality time with mine over the next couple weeks. Not that the time I spend with you is not quality, but I am so excited to spend some extra special time with my immediate family visiting and loving, making memories to finish off this year and start off the next on an equally joyous note.

So today I wanted to wish all of you the merriest of Christmases and a very blessed New Year. Rejoice in our Savior’s birth and spend some special time snuggling those close to you. Know that you are loved, appreciated and I can’t wait to continue sharing with you in the upcoming year. Thanks for making me a better person, for helping my faith to grow, for getting me through the tough days. God Bless and Easy Breathing!  XOXOX! Jen



Christ-follower, wife, and mother of two living and succeeding with Cystic Fibrosis. Come check out my blog 100% Chance of CHANGE that follows my life's journey, one day at a time. Stories about life, raising kids, marriage and relationships, family, my CF struggles, faith and so much more!

8 thoughts on ““Good Tidings We Bring…”

  1. Merry Christmas, Jen. I so enjoy getting to know you through your blog. I hope you and your family have a really wonderful Christmas, filled with joy, humor and easy breathing! Biggest of hugs from your cyber fan!

  2. Stephanie, likewise it is a pleasure getting to know you and thanks for inspiring me with your writing and friendship. I hope you too, have a terrific Christmas and a big hug back from your cyber buddy. Enjoy and be merry!!!!

  3. Dear my friend , I wish to you a Merry Christmas to be blessed with happiness, good health, prosperity, and also your entire family!
    With much love, Stefan

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