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Jaded by Hoaxes


A couple of weeks ago, our eldest niece, Ashley, messaged me about a little boy who was fighting for his life with Cystic Fibrosis.  She sent me a note with his story. This is what she wrote:

I saw this posted in one of the groups I’m in and I thought you may be interested .I will be getting cards for each of us in the unit to send him but thought I would let you know of it. -Ashley

Hello Everyone….I am asking you all for a big favor. My cousin’s nephew is 9 years old with 4th stage Cystic Fibrosis. The doctors have sent him home because there is nothing more they can do. When they brought him home 2 weeks ago, they gave him only 2-4 days to live. He knows he is going to pass and he has told him mom it’s okay, he said he is ready to go home because he is tired…of being poked with needles all the time. One of his wishes is to see how many Christmas cards he could receive before the Lord takes him home. This is where you come in, if you could just send a card and if you don’t know what to say put your families name and the town you live in. He received 500 one day last week and he read everyone of them.He is trying to beat the Guiness’s World  record which is 35,000 and so far the total he has is 23,000. Let’s pay it forward. Please continue to pray for his family. I known his grandpa and he is a wonderful well known preacher that would desire your prayers. Please send a card today to…thanks so so much!! Amy Please share this on your facebook or groups. I am determined and have the faith to see him meet this goal….

Dalton Brandon Dingus

H.C. 62 Box 1249

Salyersville, Ky 41465

Ashley attends college, so her plan was to have all the girls in her unit send cards to this little boy. Immediately, my “protective Aunt sensors” went off and I worried that this was yet another internet hoax. I went to but couldn’t find any information. I went to the Guinness World Book of Records site and looked up records for the most Christmas cards. I talked to some friends in the local CF community who were also skeptical at first glance; let’s face it, I just didn’t believe it. So I advised her to hold off on buying and sending the cards until I could do “a little more digging.”

I was dead WRONG about it all and it just breaks my heart. Not only did I almost miss the opportunity to do something kind for this little boy who is dying from the same disease I struggle with every day, but I also stifled that spontaneous love and generosity in my niece who looks up to me as a role model and was prepared to have her whole unit purchase cards to send him to help him break this record. Of course all of that can still be amended, but I’m ashamed, really ashamed that I let my jaded mind get in the way of what I keep writing about, heart and God’s love. A well-respected, fellow blogger wrote on his FB page (paraphrasing here) this is not a hoax and even if it was, you’re out the cost of a card and a stamp.  He’s right. It’s not like they were asking for money or for anything else, just a card. I thought today about when I’m standing before God one day is He going to care about how diligent I was about checking Snopes or how often I passed along His love and goodness.  Sigh. So officially and formally, I’m sorry God, I’m sorry Dalton and I’m so sorry Ashley, for not believing in something you were passionate about.

Please consider sending a card to this little boy and let’s pray that God will help us all to discern the good from the bad in our lives, on the internet and with each other.



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6 thoughts on “Jaded by Hoaxes

  1. Jen, don’t get down on yourself. This is the cost of business in the Internet age. You saw some red flags and went to investigate further. I would think using your intelligence to make sure something is legitimate would be a compliment to God, instead of blindly following along like a lemming.

    Plus, I would use this opportunity to explain to Ashley why you did what you did. This turned out to be the exception, not the rule. I would’ve done the same thing.

    1. Thanks Tom. Investigation is proving worthwhile sometimes in this world we live in. I just wish I hadn’t jumped to respond so quickly to her. It’s a “whole new world” sometimes in a good way and sometimes not. Thanks as always for your support. Hugs!

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