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Running water

TRULY THANKFUL FOR: Clean and running water inside my home.

As I was sitting here this morning doing my early morning treatments I was thinking about the victims of Sandy and how they have lost so much.  Maybe’s it’s the ghastly scenes that have plagued the TV and internet with images of water filling New York’s subways and ocean water spilling over into Jersey’s shores. Maybe it’s because I happen to know someone personally that was evacuated from his apartment and is having to live with someone else temporarily until it’s safe for him to return. Even then, what will the apartment look like when it’s deemed safe for him to go back? What damages await him?

I think about the dirty water seeping through people’s homes. Imagine sewage-tainted and bacteria-laden water running through your living room or bedroom, soaking into your carpets or wood floors. Imagine not being able to get to your house and having to stay at local shelter. I  think about the people having to share a single shower stall with a hundred other people at a local shelter or maybe doing without because there just aren’t facilities available except for a quick wash down in the bathroom of McDonald’s.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to take clean water for granted. I get up and start my coffee with clean water from my tap. I reach into the freezer for ice cubes to put into my orange juice. I go and run a hot shower, and climb in to perfectly warmed water without fear or even thought of contamination. I flush the toilet without worry too. Did you know according to the Global Poverty Info Bank that 1.2 billion people do not even have a toilet? That 2.5 billion people lack access to hygienic and private sanitation facilities?

Right now I am unable to shower because my port is accessed for my IVs. Even when and if I use a plastic shower guard covering, showers have to be quick and short because I can’t get my port site wet. During the weeks that I’m on IVs I do the quick baths and wash my hair in the sink. Not ideal, but I can tell you I certainly look forward to days like today where my port dressing will need changed so I can yank out the needle and enjoy being IV free until the nurse comes. That means it’s shower time before that next treatment! I think today as I enjoy the clean, warm water running over me I will take an extra moment to be thankful, not only that I’m getting to use it, but also that it’s there at all.

To the victims of Sandy, you are still on my heart today. Wishing you restoration, sanitation and God’s blessings.



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4 thoughts on “Running water

  1. Jen, you amaze me. You are so right, it’s easy to take things for granted…especially those things that we don’t think much about, but make our lives so much better, like running water. I am about to go make myself a cup of tea and I think I will whisper a prayer of thanks as I fill the tea kettle. Thank you for your post today…and everyday. Like I said, you amaze me and I so appreciate how you write and what you write! Big hugs, cyber buddy! Big hugs!

  2. I agree completely with Stephanie above! This is a wonderful post, so well-written, and with the perfect, honest, gracious sentiment. I too am thankful for clean running water! Praying for those on the East coast, in Africa, in South America, and all over the world: clean water should be a human right for all on this planet! Love you!

  3. Nat, love you. No matter what happens tonight for either side, just know I’m so proud of you. All the passion, fire and genuine goodness that makes up you is such a blessing in my life as well. Thanks for the comment.

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