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Lesser of two evils

TRULY THANKFUL FOR: The freedom to vote in honor of my personal beliefs.

One of the IV medications I’m taking right now is a very potent antibiotic called Tobramycin. In combination with other IV antibiotics, it has proven very effective at minimizing a particularly antibiotic-resistant CF bug in my lungs called pseudomonas. Unfortunately, while it helps my respiratory system, it doesn’t come without drawbacks. Like many other high potency IV antibiotics, Tobramycin can also cause ototoxicity (hearing loss) and nephrotoxicity (damage to the kidneys). It usually causes stomach upset, loss of appetite as well as a host of other more “minor” side effects. Because it’s the #1 drug of choice when I have a lung infection, it’s one I’ve taken multiple courses of over the years. For me, in addition to those “minor” side effects, I’ve experienced both of the more permanent ones, hearing loss at high decibel ranges and renal impairment. Every time I have a lung infection, my doctors and I have to make a choice of what we’re willing to risk and when.

Prednisone is another medication that I take frequently that is two-sided with its benefits and consequences. On one hand it makes my arthritis, allergies and asthma symptoms much more tolerable. On the other it causes weight gain, night sweats, mood swings and sleeplessness. Even more disparaging, is the fact that it sends my blood sugars soaring which wreaks havoc on my diabetes. It also causes loss of bone density which I already fight since I have osteoporosis. Just as with the antibiotics, it’s a choice. I either preserve my lung function and some quality of movement or I put up with taking insulin and extra vitamins and maintain exercise and ongoing preventative care for my bone health. Ultimately, it’s one of several daily tough choices I have to make in order to achieve something for the greater good.

This week we all are being called to make a choice just as critical, between two men who are positioning themselves to lead our country. We may not like all their “side effects,” but we still have to make a choice, NEED to make a choice. Both sides have positives and negatives to their agendas. Though we may not love one or the other completely, like me with my course of treatments, we each still need to choose between the lesser of two evils and be prepared to live with our choices.

Tomorrow is voting day. If you have not already done so at an early poll or by absentee ballot, please get out and vote. In order to achieve some greater good, we must come to a consensus. Choose carefully. Just like my medication choices we have to remember that the consequences could be ultimately permanent. God bless.



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