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Straighten (blech!)

TRULY THANKFUL FOR: The gift of language, from which a single word can inspire an entire blog post!

You may have noticed (or not) that yesterday’s post did not have its usual TODAY’S FORECAST listed at the top. While initially it was an oversight during my “horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day,” today I’ve decided it was the perfect transition into November, the month of Thanksgiving.  For this next month, instead of TODAY’S FORECAST, I will add a TRULY THANKFUL FOR instead. No worries, we’ll go back to the normal forecast come December, so just about the time you get used to this, I’ll change it up on you again. See, 100% Change of CHANGE, all the time. 🙂

That being said, I’ve decided just today that there is a word that I am not particularly thankful for, “straighten.” I know it seems like a perfectly harmless word and that there are so many other words out there that I could spend my time protesting like ignorance, hate, racism, injustice, etc. Today, however, I’ve decided that I just don’t really care for this particular word.

“Straighten up!” is what I yell at my kids when they are goofing around in the middle of a store or restaurant. It means, my patience is on its last leg and if they pull one more stunt, I’m going to offer them up freely to the lady across the aisle who undoubtedly is questioning my parenting skills at this very moment!

Straightening my hair is a task I truly loathe. I was blessed with naturally frizzy hair. Not soft-set waves that cascade down prettily, but frizzy ringlets that look messy and slept-on, even with the curl-in mousse. My hair loved the 80’s; big, poufy and hair-sprayed to death. It does not like 2012 where straight and sleek is the fashion norm. If I want to try to mimic straight and sleek hair with this mop, I have to condition, use heat and humidity resistant spray, straighten each piece with a hot iron, put enrichment oil in it to make it shiny and oh yeah, still hair-spray it to death.

Straighten up the house is a reoccurring chore on my to-do list. It means having to attack the piles of school papers and electronics, sorting the pile of newspapers, wiping the counters, rinsing the dishes, dealing with general clutter in every room of our house. Again, no likie the straightening!

Even when it comes to my life, my heart, my faith, straightening is always a tedious task. I have to rid myself of all the things that my human little self likes to obsessively cling to like my ego, my stubbornness, my pride and my attitudes — and that my friends, is constantly proving to be an impossible task. No amount of yelling, flat-ironing or cleaning is going to fix it,  it is something I simply cannot get a hold of completely, despite my best intentions. As King Solomon says in Ecclesiastes 1:15 “What is twisted cannot be straightened.” Even King Solomon, who had many opportunities and resources at his fingertips, had to admit that for some things, without some higher intervention and wisdom, there was no straightening going to happen. And I wonder why this word frustrates me?!

Today I’m prepared to leave the straightening to God. I leave the kinks, the curls, the bends, the crooks, the crinkles, the bows, the curves, the twists, the knots of my life in His hands. Where straightening seems impossible with my kids, my hair or my house, I know He can surely take care of my heart. And He will, if I let Him.



Christ-follower, wife, and mother of two living and succeeding with Cystic Fibrosis. Come check out my blog 100% Chance of CHANGE that follows my life's journey, one day at a time. Stories about life, raising kids, marriage and relationships, family, my CF struggles, faith and so much more!

3 thoughts on “Straighten (blech!)

    1. Thank you! Some days the weirdest things inspire my posts. Today it was straightening my hair which ultimately led to this. Gotta give the glory to God on that one, isn’t He always good at making something out of nothing?! 🙂 Thank you for reading. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  1. I saved your post for today, and now I know why. I wanted to read you this morning, on this glorious day off, when I could sit in bed with my lap top and my cup of tea, giving your writing the attention that it truly deserves. What I wise choice I made! I read your post twice this morning. You inspire me. . .I so want to control things. . .straighten them out, as you say. You reminded me and helped me to remember that I have less angst, less worry and more gratitude when I just give “it” whatever “it” is over to God. Thank you Jen. I love your blog. Sending you big hugs across the miles!

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