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Happy “philosophizing”

TODAY’S FORECAST: Creaky… just in time for Hallween. 🙂

Yesterday Jacob was chosen to participate in a “Philosophers Club” at school. The “club,” as explained on the flier his teacher sent home, is actually an enrichment program that aims to get students to hone in on and strengthen their critical thinking skills. Since Jake is definitely a “why” kid, constantly asking questions, I think that this will be a perfect fit for him. At any rate, I think that some of this new “philosophizing” must have really stuck with him yesterday, because he was full of questions during homework time last evening. I told him that he needed to finish his homework first and then we could talk about his questions. This apparently was a good motivator, as he finished his homework in record time.

After all his homework had been put away and everything that needed to be signed was signed, he asked me what “turn of the century” meant. I explained that a century was a 100-year period and that the “turn of the century” would be the beginning of the next century, in our case, year 2100. Simple enough, right?

He thought about for that a moment and said, “Mom, we’ll probably all be dead then, right?”

I said, “Yes buddy, most people that we know today would not be alive, although there are some people who are living into their 100s now, so who knows where we might all be then.” I took this as an opportunity to get a little religion lesson in there as well, so I added, “But even if we’ve died, we won’t really be dead, will we?”

He brightly popped up and said, “No, because we’ll all be living in heaven with Jesus.” Smart boy!

His next question was one I was not prepared to answer. “Mom, when I die, will I still be the same boy that I am now?”  (Now we know why he was chosen for the Philosophers Club!)

I said, “Well, buddy, I’ve never been to heaven so I don’t know exactly how it’s going to be. The bible tells us that heaven will be a place where this is no sickness, no crying, no pain. It is described as a mansion with many rooms where Jesus has prepared a place for each of us.”

(Pause). “Mom, do you think God will let me have a scooter in my room in heaven?”

“Well buddy, I don’t know that either, but someday you can ask Him, okay?”


“ Mom?”


“Heaven sounds like a pretty epic place.”

(Me smiling). “Yep, I think epic is the perfect word.”

Later on I was reflecting back on this conversation and thinking about how curious kids can be. They think and share so freely, uninhibited by life’s rules of etiquette or protocols for appropriate discussion. No wonder Jesus delighted in them so much. They truly share a philosopher’s mind; thinking and questioning about everything including their existence, reality, knowledge and reason. They’re so open and willing to believe, that everything comes at face value; something us adults could probably stand to exercise from time to time.

So, in honor of my son and all the other little philosophers out there, how about we all get in touch with our own philosophical sides today? Here are some questions Jake and I came up with to get you started. Share them with your children and/or your families tonight at dinner. Don’t be afraid to say, I don’t know. Kids especially respect that so much more than you trying to make up a logical answer. Sometimes their answers (and yours!) will surprise you, in a good way. Happy “philosophizing.” 🙂

1.)    How long does it take to get to heaven?

2.)    What do you think heaven will look like?

3.)    Do you think your pets will be there?

4.)    Will people that have gone before you be there to greet you when you first get there?

5.)    What will God look like?



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