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“What’s for dinner?”


Have you ever daydreamed about winning the lottery or the sudden appearance of a wish-granting genie? I think all of us can admit that we’ve entertained the notion at one point or another in our lives. While some of us long for such novelties as world peace or the end of disease, others entertain thoughts of paid-off mortgages, fine clothes and exotic vacations. Heck, some of you might just be wishing for the end of the 2012 political debates! 🙂 Though I of course share some of these same aspirations, I have another dream, of a culinary chef who would do all my cooking, every day, for FREE.

It’s not that I don’t like to cook; love it actually, but sometimes I get really tired of trying to balance the dietary restrictions, pickiness, and time constraints of our household. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, we have some unique dietary needs in our family. Our son, Jake, has food allergies while my hubby, Bob, who has heart disease, needs to watch his sodium and cholesterol intake. With my CF, I need to maintain a high calorie, high fat diet. Our daughter, Meghan, being the “tween” that she is, has her moments of drama-induced pickiness. While both our kids are good eaters overall; like any kids, they have their moments of grumbling. What better stage for the drama to be heard on than at the dinner table?

Sometimes when I’ve had a particularly rough day and the kids come home from school saying how “starving” they are or Bob calls and asks “What’s for dinner?” I find myself just a teensy weensy bit on edge. I mean, what do I look like, a short order cook? Somehow each day at about 5:00 pm, I am just magically supposed to turn into Paula Deen or Rachel Ray and whip up a fantastically concocted, mouth-watering, balanced meal. Never mind the dietary restrictions or that one kid has soccer practice at 6:00 and the other has basketball at 7:00 clear across town. Forget the fact that this one no longer likes green beans and that I keep promising, that “soon, Mommy will make chicken nachos” and that “soon” was about three months ago. Sigh.

At any rate, I know that dinner time is an important time for my family. Not only is it my opportunity to fix something that will fill their stomachs, but it’s an opportunity to show them how much I love them. It’s the time we sit down as a family and discuss important issues, such as why bullying is wrong and why God lets bad things happen to nice people. While some days I may dread the question of “What’s for dinner?” I know that unequivocally, it means so much more than just another “to-do” off my list or another dreaded grocery shopping trip. I wrote this prayer about a year ago and thought maybe some of you could relate. For those moments that “What’s for dinner?” puts you on edge, maybe this will help.

The “What’s for Dinner?” Prayer

Lord it’s coming, it always does, that question that I dread.

It follows “Honey, how are you?” and “Should I stop to pick up bread”?

I try to plan, I try to shop, and yet this question never stops.

“I’m really starving, what should we do?” “I feel like pizza, how about you?”

It’s ageless, ancient and never-ending, a constant source of family spending.

It keeps us from our goal of “thinner,” the timeless classic of “What’s for dinner?”

Please help me think of something good, that I can feed this hungry brood.

A meal that will be a cinch, something tasty in a pinch.

Remind me while it seems a chore, it’s something bigger, something more.

Your love and spirit we soon will share, to fill our lives with heav’nly fare.

~Jennifer Wuersig~

For where two or three gather in My name, there am I with them. – Matthew 18:20



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