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Covered ears or armored hearts?


Today our family was out and about at a local Fall Foliage festival. At one point in the day, I stopped to visit the ladies room to check my sugar and use the facilities. As I was waiting in line for my turn, I saw a little girl and her Mom coming out of one of the stalls. The little girl was holding her hands over her ears to block the sound of the loud flush from the toilets. I smiled, remembering that my own daughter, Meghan, did exactly the same thing when she was smaller. She used to tell me, “Mommy, it’s too loud! Make sure you tell me when you’re gonna flush so I can cover my ears, okay?”

Now that she’s 10, there are many moments where I wish she would block not only her ears, but also her eyes as well. I’d like to put her in a bubble and keep her unmarred from all of the world’s evils. I hate the fact that she’s growing up and I can no longer protect her at every moment. Bob and I have to teach her the best that we can in the time that we have that while she won’t always be able to “cover her ears” during the scary moments, she can learn to love God and to trust Him with her heart. With all the frightening influences and peer pressure around her I worry every day whether we’re doing enough. When it comes time for her to make those tough choices, will she be strong enough, wise enough? I wrote this prayer back in 2009. I thought I’d share it for all of you to read.  While we can’t cover their ears forever, we can still armor their hearts with God’s blessing.

Lord I ask that You bless our children today. I ask that You not allow sibling rivalry to break the bond that they have and I pray that they always will share a close friendship despite their age differences.

Help them to grow in the ways of Your truth. Guide them to make good choices that are pleasing to You. Help them to be kind, respectful, compassionate, truthful, moral and to love You above all else.

Protect their Young hearts from all evil. There are so many vices out there in the world today that stand to challenge their focus on You. Help them to stand up against those challenges; help them to never abandon their love for You.

Help them each to see that my way is not always the right way. Help them to see the real me, a parent that loves them dearly but that is not perfect and makes mistakes. Teach them forgiveness in those times that I sin and it affects their lives or their hearts.

Lord I pray that You will watch over my kids and keep them safe. Allow them not to be stricken by bad health or disease. Help them to grow strong in body, mind and spirit.  Keep them away from dangerous people, those who don’t know You and/or those who would wish to harm them in any way.

Open their minds to the process of learning. Not just at school, but through their life experiences. Not only allow them to acquire the skills/knowledge they need to fulfill Your will, but also the spiritual learning that they will need to follow You all the days of their lives.

Open up their eyes to all You have planned for them, Lord. Allow them to experience joy and love. When sorrow and disappointment come, let them know that they can find refuge in You.

As they grow, allow us to make many happy memories as a family filled with laughter, joy and faith in You. Bless these children and mold them into Your image. Remind them that while they will never be perfect on their own, they can find true perfection in You. Love them Lord and send Your angels to wrap heavenly forces around them as they grow. Amen.



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2 thoughts on “Covered ears or armored hearts?

  1. Your prayers certainly have been answered up to this point. Jay and I often talk about what great kids you have, that they have such great hearts and are so stinking smart!

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