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I am not perfect

I’ve hurt with my words, shot daggers with looks,

Made rash decisions, read smutty books.

I’ve helped fuel rumors when talk was cheap,

The Lord’s Day, I didn’t always keep.


I’ve withheld information, told little white lies,

My spouse and my family I’ve criticized.

Fueled rumors and conflict, behind people’s backs,

I’ve jumped to conclusions without all the facts.


I’ve cursed and I’ve taken the Lord’s name in vain,

I’ve coveted houses and cars and fame.

I’ve screamed at my children, I’ve stomped and I’ve stewed,

Been cranky, unruly and just “in a mood.”


I’m a work in progress, my faults still accrue,

So reflection, confession and prayer will ensue.

I am not perfect and never will be,

Which is just the reason He died for me.


~Jennifer Wuersig~ 10-8-12





Christ-follower, wife, and mother of two living and succeeding with Cystic Fibrosis. Come check out my blog 100% Chance of CHANGE that follows my life's journey, one day at a time. Stories about life, raising kids, marriage and relationships, family, my CF struggles, faith and so much more!

4 thoughts on “I am not perfect

  1. Totally fabulous, true, revealing, heart-felt poem, Jen…all of it, I too can claim…Thank GOD he loves us…or in the words of Chris Tomlin: “He knows the depths of my heart, and He loves me just the same….” AMEN, SISTER!!!

  2. Jen this is one of the most beautiful and heartfelt poems i have ever read! It sent chills of excitement through my body! And the message is wonderful, as none of us are perfect…but at least we are blessed to know our Lord! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Wendell. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. It’s not fun to openly admit our personal flaws, but I am so thankful that there is a Savior that has my back. God Bless!

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