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Pumpkin carving


Halloween is always an exciting time of year, especially for kids. For most of the month of October they are completely wrapped up in what costumes they are going to wear, how much candy they’re going to get and which house in the neighborhood has the scariest decorations.

One of my favorite parts of Halloween is picking and carving pumpkins with our kids. Before we made the move to Medina, we used to go to Szalay’s Farm in Peninsula, OH to pick our pumpkins. They have every size of pumpkin you can imagine, from the tiniest gourds to the big, freakish monster pumpkins. They also have a host of seasonal decorations and a fresh vegetable market. There are wooden swings to relax on while you enjoy a snack of roasted sweet corn or donuts with cider. There’s a corn maze for the kids and bike trails nearby. It’s a really fun, little place. This year, being in a new area, we have lots of new fun options for places to get our pumpkins. Many local farms and vegetable stands are selling them. Some of the bigger operations like Mapleside Farms in Brunswick and even some of the local apple orchards who have them for sale, additionally have themed hayrides, jump parks, restaurants and bakeries to partake of as well. Sounds like fun to me!

Once Bob, the kids and I select our prized pumpkins and bring them home, the carving adventures begin. While it’s goopy and messy, it’s a lot of fun helping Meghan and Jake bring their creativity to fruition. We draw faces, carve them and then proudly display their handiwork on the front porch, as I’m sure many of you do as well. We don’t roast the pumpkin seeds because my kids don’t particularly care for them, but we do usually have some kind of Halloween treat after everything is cleaned up and put away. On Halloween night, we light up the pumpkins, along with our porch lights, and wait for the stream of trick-or-treaters.

I was talking to a new friend the other day about their family’s pumpkin carving traditions. She showed me a prayer she had found, called the “Pumpkin Carving Prayer.” I thought it was really cute, so I thought I’d share it with all of you today as you go the next couple weeks in search of your perfect pumpkins. I may even buy an extra pumpkin this year to do this with our kids. That way they can each still have their own, but we’ll have a “family” pumpkin that is a good reminder for us all. Enjoy and God Bless!

Pumpkin Carving Prayer

Dear God,
As I carve my pumpkin help me say this prayer:

Open my mind so I can learn about You;
(Cut the top of the pumpkin)

Take away all my sin and forgive me for the wrong things I do.
(Clean out the inside)

Open my eyes so Your love I will see;
(Cut the eyes out in heart shapes)

I’m so sorry for turning up my nose to all you’ve given me.
(Cut a nose in the shape of a cross)

Open my ears so your word I will hear.
(Cut the ears shaped like the Bible) – we did rectangles

Open my mouth so I can tell others You’re near
(cut the mouth in the shape of a fish)

Let Your light shine in all I say and do! Amen.
(Place a candle inside and light it)



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3 thoughts on “Pumpkin carving

  1. This prayer is AMAZING!!! Just what I needed at this very moment as I’m listening to Chris Tomlin’s “How Great Is Our God.” Thank you so much for sharing it….can’t wait to share it with the kids!!! Love and Blessings to you Always!!!

  2. I’m so glad you liked it! I thought it was so cute and an awesome lesson for kids. How great is our God, indeed. Love and blessings to you and yours.

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