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The human barometer


My kids have recently been fascinated with the Ripley’s Believe it Or Not books, you know, the ones that are filled with oddities, weird facts and sometimes VERY disturbing pictures? They love looking at the pictures (at least the tame ones that I will let them see), reading the stories and giving their opinions on whether they think a particular feature actually exists. I tell them that don’t need to look in the books, though, because they have their own Ripley’s exhibit right here in our home. Their mom is the “human barometer.”

I swear that my sinuses and my joints know when a weather front is coming before the weather forecasters do. I could probably save the news networks a bunch of money on technology and radar equipment with just a simple email or a phone call. Isn’t it perfect then that I live in Ohio; I mean what better place to live where the weather changes by the minute? In fact, just as I’m sitting here typing, it has gone from cloudy and dark, to sunny and bright and back again. Go figure!

Today I woke up and knew it was going to be a “swell” day. No, I don’t mean “swell” as in good, wonderful, happy; I mean “swell” as in my joints are swelling and oh, it’s not going to be a fun day at all. Then my head started in. The rain moved in last evening and so did the sinus pressure. Those of you have issues with sinuses know exactly what I’m talking about. It feels like a freight train is running between my eyes.

I did all the things I am supposed to do to help the situation: rinsed my sinuses, did my Flonase, took some Advil Sinus (Advil for the joints, Sinus, for the clogged sinuses), and reduced my list of to-do’s for the day; effective, but frustrating nonetheless. It goes back to the control issue I spoke about in an earlier blog. I have absolutely no control of how I will feel on a particular day. Sure, I can take my meds and do my therapy which ultimately stops more days from being bad; but sometimes, like today, there is just no stopping the inevitable and it makes me cranky sometimes. (Yes, for those of you who were wondering, this little Miss Positive has her not-so-inspiring moments!)

I try to keep in mind that God, in His infinite and loving goodness, has a purpose for this suffering and that He teaches me humility, patience, grace and a whole host of other things with it. I mean, who am I to question when throughout the bible, even God’s most faithful servants had to endure suffering beyond reason? Joseph, David, Job, Peter, Paul and Stephen come to immediate mind, and all had their share of trials and suffering. Like me, they had to make choices to keep their eyes directed toward heaven.

The fact of the matter is that I’m still human, and sometimes it just plain hurts. On days like today, I would wholeheartedly relinquish my notoriety as the “human barometer” if I could only escape its side effects. There are days where my spirit is low, my pain is high and I have to go to bed at night just waiting for the next ray of sunshine when it comes. Today, I’ll leave you with a simple prayer. For those of you who suffer your own trials and pain, maybe it’ll be a comfort.

Lord, I come to You today asking for Your strength
I pray that in the midst of my hurt, You would guide me today.
I pray that You would give me the assurance that You are with me.
I pray that I would make the choice to trust You even in this difficult time and to keep my eyes focused on the path You have for me.  Amen.




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