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Life is like a med port


Today the home nurse came to flush my med port. My normal home nurse, Ed, who I adore, was unable to come out today; so another nurse from the area, Becky, came instead. She was really nice and did a great job. Since she had never accessed me before, she felt around my port site before she stuck the needle into my chest, which I GREATLY appreciated. 🙂 She made the comment, “Wow, you have a really small port, I’m just going to feel my way around it first to make sure I don’t catch the side or the back of it.” God love her! Port pokes aren’t the worst pain in the world, but they certainly aren’t my favorite. For anyone that currently has or has had one in the past, you know that the worst thing you could possibly do is to hit the side or the back of it and then try to push fluid through it. OOOUUUCCCHHH!

I was thinking about it from the nurse’s perspective though, especially someone like Becky who has a new patient and is not familiar with their port site. She has to feel around and poke blindly, hoping she makes the right decision and hits the right spot. If she doesn’t, she has to try again, even though it might cause a little extra pain for the patient that is in her care.

Life is a little like med port care sometimes. We blindly feel our way around and hope that the decisions we make “hit the spot.” Sometimes, even when we make our very best effort, we don’t hit the mark and have to painfully try again. The key is not the failure, but the trying again. We need to learn from the mistake, apologize to anyone that it hurt (including ourselves) and make a second go at it.

God knows, I have made MANY mistakes in my life and subsequently failed at many things. I’d like to think I’ve learned from those failures and have done much better the second time around. Sometimes I keep blindly poking around in trial and error though, but I feel that as long as I take away something from the experience, I’m better off for trying. Just like with my med port, when success is achieved, it can be life-sustaining.

There’s a favorite quote of mine by Charles Kettering that says, “One fails forward toward success.” I love that quote, because it leads us to believe that every misstep in our lives is for a reason and is getting us one step closer to the goal. This week as you encounter the “small ports” in your life, don’t be afraid to take the risk.  Ask God to guide you, then “hit the spot.” If you miss the mark, try again. C’mon, I know you can do it!



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