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Not That Different

Today’s Forecast: Itchy (Allergies, allergies go away!)

My husband Bob and I are two very different people. Bob can’t ever sit still; in fact, he gets uncomfortable if he has to be in one place for a long period of time. The exception is sports. He is happiest when watching an Ohio State football game, or any other sport for that matter. Fishing is definitely not a problem for him either. He can sit for hours in a small boat dangling his pole over the side and is content to spend the day dreaming about that “big catch” and enjoying the peacefulness of it all.

Me, I like to be on the go too, but I can only go to a certain point and then I need some downtime. It’s not because of my limitations with CF, either, I just need some time to decompress with a good book or a killer season premiere of one of my favorite television shows.

Bob and I are different in other ways too. He likes to keep details relating to our family and my health to himself; I share them with everyone I know. He’s the analytical one, I’m the creative one. He loves to drive and is great with giving directions. I hate to drive and will get lost going around the block. He is cautious and practical; I am impulsive and prone to be driven by my emotions. He keeps his heart to himself; I wear mine on my sleeve. When I get mad, the whole world knows it as I stomp around and let my irritations be well-known; when Bob gets mad, it has been building for a long, long time and you’d better look out because when he blows his top it will be big. Bob loves God quietly, privately. I love God boisterously and am always sharing my faith with anyone who will listen.

You can look at mine and Bob’s relationship two ways, really. You can think about how different we are and all the things we don’t have in common, or you could say we’re a fantastic balance to one another, a perfect match. I choose to see it as the latter, but it wasn’t always so.

I won’t tell you our whole love story here; we’ll leave that for another post. The gist of it is though was that Bob liked me, I thought I liked him; my stubborn heart then told me I couldn’t like him and he had it on his heart to convince me otherwise. Man, was he a persistent bugger! 🙂  I will never forget when he sent me home with a CD to listen to of a country artist called Collin Raye. The particular song he wanted me to listen to was “Not That Different. “ Go ahead, listen to it now by clicking on the YouTube link below. Even if you aren’t a country music fan, the video is awesome; you’ll be glad you did. But then keep reading, there’s still more to this post!


Bob and I had a whirlwind courtship. We got engaged six weeks after we started dating and were married 11 months later. You’d think God really wanted us together or something! LOL. Now I know why. Despite all our diversities, God knew I needed Bob in my life. Bob and I have had plenty of spats and disagreements over the years as most married couples do; however, I would not trade him for the world. He is loving, steadfast, faithful, and humble, a hard-worker, an amazing father, husband, brother and son. He is kind, strong, brave, and he still makes me laugh after almost 14 years.

I guess the lesson here is to be open. Open your heart to new people, new experiences, even if you’re not completely comfortable. Take a look at your existing relationships, too. Is there someone in your life whose differences you don’t fully appreciate? Whether it be a co-worker, a friend, a son, a daughter, a mother, father, your husband or wife celebrate the differences and try to love that person with new eyes today. I would have missed one of life’s greatest treasures in Bob if I hadn’t.

Dear Lord, help us to see with Your eyes today, eyes of unconditional love and compassion for others. Help us to see differences in people as opportunities for learning and growth. Help us discover the treasures of our relationships, rather than the hurdles. We ask this in Your Holy Name. Amen.



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2 thoughts on “Not That Different

    1. Jen, it is really AMAZING how alike we all are. Sometimes when we look at you guys, Bob and I see younger versions of ourselves. I’m glad we share those similarities, it’s a nice support system for sure. Love to you!

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